Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is it the right time for that type of work at home business?

A couple days ago I completed an article that I was eager to publish. There are several places I submit articles and Bukisa happens to be one of them. However, each time I tried to upload the article I got an error.

At first I was a little frustrated. Then I took it as a sign that I kept getting an error message and decided not to publish there. That meant of course looking for another avenue, while I was in pursuit of the right place for the article I took a good look at the article and asked myself “is it really the right time for this kind of information?”

After careful consideration, I realized it would not matter where I submitted the article, it could be online or off, the readership would be low. The information didn’t fit what majority of people were interested in at the time. Sure there might have been a few people that might take notice and even appreciate it but not near enough. When you work hard on any piece you need to get the most out of it.

This doesn’t just apply to a one little article, but work at home business ideas as well. There have been a number of times I had to reign in an idea because I knew it wasn’t the right time.

Businesses that survive meet a need that people desire right now. In rare cases some businesses were able to predict what people would be looking for months prior and build a business that way. Regardless, your work at home business has to be in accordance with today’s market place.

What are people reading, watching, buying, and doing right this minute? What challenges are people facing right now? And does your home business idea solve the problem.

It’s pointless to launch a business that does not serve today’s audience. You’ll spend too much time trying to convince people it’s worthwhile. Why not find out what’s on the minds and hearts of individuals and then offer products and services to help them.

For example, the number of people traveling this summer has decreased significantly from last year, but those looking for vacation ideas and activities in and around their city have increased. Thus, it would make more sense to provide advice and resources for people in your area to have the best summer vacation they can than to write about traveling abroad.

Does this mean that if your idea doesn’t suit the marketplace you should scrap it completely? Absolutely not! Just like how my article will be of use later on so can your idea. Always keep your ideas and plans someplace safe for you to refer to again. This way you don’t miss an opportunity to carry them out.

To help you decide if your work at home business has thriving potential and meets today’s audience take a walk in a book store. Book stores are one of the best places to get a quick take on what is relevant and current today since most publishers will only risk publishing books they know meet the general public’s needs and taste. Also hang out in forums and social networking sites like twitter.

Twitter is a great place to do market research since many of the users will post random rants and raves of products, services and issues. You can search twitter’s trends to see what topics are being posted about the most.

Do the research and make sure that it is indeed that right time for your work at home business.

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