Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Make Money Online From Your Webcomic

By Daniel Ted C. Feliciano

I am assuming that you already have a webcomic so I am not going to discuss what a webcomic is and what it is made of. I will instead go straight to the point and enumerate the ways on which you can make money from it. So here we go:

Project Wonderful Ads - Visit any webcomic and chances are there is a Project Wonderful ad box on it. There could even be three ad boxes on it. The good thing about Project Wonderful is that they love webcomics. Yes, they do. You will soon find out when you sign up with them. Joining their advertising program is free so there is no reason why you shouldn't give it a try. All you have to do is sign up, add your webcomic for their approval and once it's approved, it's all but a matter of copying and pasting code to your webcomic site. Now, here's how you make money. Once the Project Wonderful ad box is live on your site, potential advertisers will then be bidding on that particular ad box. So obviously, the more popular and the higher your webcomic's traffic is, the more advertisers will bid on it. More bidders of course mean bigger payouts. Project Wonderful also allows you to place up to five ad boxes on your site. If you play your ads right, this could mean multiplying your Project Wonderful revenue by five. Not bad, huh.

Google AdSense - AdSense is the provider of the best contextual ads in the internet. It serves your site with highly-relevant ads. Highly-relevant means the ads are related to the content of your webcomic so visitors will more likely click on them. This is very important because Google AdSense pays you based on the number of clicks on the ads present on your webcomic site. Click rates range from a few cents to several dollars. Google AdSense also has great help and support for publishers. It provides you with tools which you can use to track the performance of your ads.

Donations - This is a very good way to make a few dollars from your avid fans and followers. If a lot of people like what you publish, there are those who will be willing to hand over a few dollars as a way of saying thank you. There are many ways of asking for donations but the most effective of these is by placing a PayPal Donation Button on your webcomic. PayPal is a popular online payment system. If you still don't have a PayPal account, it's time you go over their website now and sign up. All you need to register is an email address. After registering, just grab the PayPal Donation Button code and paste it on your website.

Cartoon Commissions - Once your webcomic starts building its readers and traffic, expect that you will soon be receiving emails from visitors who want you to draw a few cartoons for them in exchange for cash. You should take advantage of this and start your career as a freelance online cartoonist.
Ebooks - Once you have enough cartoons in your webcomic archives, you can compile them all in one document such as a PDF file and sell such document as an ebook.

Making money from your cartoons and webcomics is not a very hard thing to do when you play your cards right and take advantage of all the monetization strategies that come your way.

The author of this article writes and publishes a webcomic over at: http://dcfeliciano.blogspot.com/
View his compilation of the 101 funniest webcomics here: http://www.squidoo.com/the-101-funniest-webcomics-on-the-internet-

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?How-to-Make-Money-Online-From-Your-Webcomic&id=5355839] How to Make Money Online From Your Webcomic

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My SBI Experience And Why I Left

Site Build It! There are a lot of opinions out there regarding SBI vs blogging. Some have even gone as far as to say that SBI is anti-blogging. As an ex-SBI user I have to say that SBI isn’t anti anything. But I do see where some people may get the idea. SBI promotes websites almost to the point of annoyance, but that’s because that is what they are. For those who are on the fence about whether or not to go with SBI, read on about my experience, why I left it and whether or not I’d go back.

When I first got onto the work at home, bus I started with blogging. It was simple and a good way to learn how to develop content for a niche without the technical hassle. But blogging on a free platform like blogger has the drawback of inflexibility. There are a lot of things you can’t do, at least not without some proficient technical knowledge. Thus I wanted more and, after doing some research, decided that SBI was a good fit.

My  few years with SBI were pleasant. SBI has a great community of helpful knowledgeable people that will walk with you through the process. This is indeed a very powerful tool for a beginner who is still learning about online marketing. There are several videos and several guides that if you use give you basic fundamental knowledge about building a niche business.

But the action guide, while up-to-date, doesn’t provide advanced knowledge about using an online platform to build success. In fact, a number of the things in it I learned while blogging and you can probably Google and get the same information.

SBI likes to pride itself on being some kind of “coach” but the site itself is not fantastic in that regards. It’s the forum users who really offer the tips and you can actually gain access to the forum simply by being an affiliate and not buying the package.

Ken provided a lot of different case studies and website examples of different niches, giving confidence to anyone with any niche idea that their website may work. I chose to go with a self help magazine type site and noticed that with SBI it had the potential to be successful. I followed the action guide, hung out in the forum asking and answering questions, and made sure to use as many of the tools as were necessary for my site. Like with anything, it takes time to see success but slowly there was a buildup of traffic, adsense and affiliate revenue and subscribers. So why did I leave?

Something that I wish I had known about SBI before joining is just how tailored it is for people who provide physical or e-products or services. SBI is not the best platform for those who aren’t selling something of their own.

As much as it likes to toot about being an infopreneur site, it isn’t. For those who aren’t selling an ebook, homemade chocolates, or counseling services, SBI can be a difficult money making platform. The reason being most of the tool are geared to those who do more than just provide great content and affiliate products. If I had an ebook and wanted to presell it, then SBI would have been perfect.

 But I was simply writing helpful lifestyle content and after a while I noticed my SBI site was getting too cluttered with the information, especially since I was writing every other day. The site was not as easy to navigate anymore and it was getting difficult to manage all that content, especially if I had to update. With SBI, 30 pages seems to be the maximum in terms of content. Ken Envoy says after that you should be looking at simply promoting your site or building another one, and I agree completely. If you plan to create more than 30pages worth of content, SBI can seem small.

Another thing I disliked about SBI is how difficult it actually is to change the template. People say you don’t need to be tech savvy to work it, but you do. Because these days with all the vibrant hip looking blog templates, it’s essential that your website looks at least close to ranks of “pretty.” Users expect more now and SBI was slow to react to what many web readers want today.

 I had fresh content on my site, Google liked my site, but my site looked and felt outdated. It didn’t have a fresh look or even up to date tools. And updating it wasn’t easy anymore. All this made the revenue generation slow. I thought I was alone in this, but noticed that many SBI users had the same complaint of having clunky looking websites with a lack of community building tools.

The biggest thing with SBI however is the expense. It claims that all the tools together would cost more than they charge, but honestly a number of their tools can be found free and are provided by some blog platforms.  It was costing me $300 to run a site and learn about web marketing at the same time. If you have your own products some adsense and affiliate programs and are market and tech savvy, you may be able to break even by the time you have to renew. But if you’re purely on affiliate programs and aren’t a skilled marketer, you can easily get the 2 year blues where you see your site close up sooner than expected.

SBI does have many advantages and it is a good site for those who want a web business. So, if I did have the time to create and manage my own product or service I would choose them over a blog. However, if sharing great content and gaining sponsors or hosting advertising is your main goal, then blogging may be a more economic and easier platform.

If you are looking for great web hosting or want more information visit SBI today

Monday, November 1, 2010

How To Find An Effective And Free Internet Marketing Course

Are you an Internet marketer? Perhaps you are just aspiring to become one. If you are doing business online, then maybe you are looking for ways to boost your website's traffic or have it more visible to the search engines as well as to your targeted customers.
But, are your methods and efforts fruitful? Have you reached your expectations? Have you accomplished something out of doing the things you thought can help you become successful?

However, fret not. Even though you may think that you're only good in failing or that you have only wasted your time and effort for nothing, there are still so many things left for you to do.

When it comes to making money online or promoting your business on the web, the chances and opportunities are always countless. All you have to do is be keen and determined in finding effective and suitable ways to prop up your website or the business itself.

You should never close your doors to possibilities as you can always find ways to succeed or stay on top. Online marketing is about trial and error, application of the best means and maintenance and continuous search and learning as well as practice and application.

     You should always keep your mind open and make yourself busy discovering methods, information and other interesting stuffs. You must come out of your shell and explore as much as you can. Have yourself trained in a regular manner so as to sharpen your ideas and skills.

So to be able to supply yourself with the appropriate, effective and updated skills or information with regards to SEO and other related things, you must take part in an SEO training or other means of gathering helpful stuffs for the sake of your business and online growth. Participate in an Internet marketing class and see to it that you get into the best group.

You can even get a hold of free stuffs. Many expert marketers are sharing their ideas for free. Search for free internet marketing courses or SEO trainings where you can possibly get the best of everything for free. It doesn't matter if you have to pay for the training so long as you can guarantee yourself that you can learn more valuable and effective techniques.

Roam around the web as much as you can. Go from one website to another so you can gather sufficient resources and references. Find loads of internet marketing courses especially those offered for free by some experts.

You should be able to determine the reputation or credibility of a particular website offering SEO training or internet marketing class. The least that you would want to is to participate in some form of a scam or something that would only waste your time, effort and even money.

     Nowadays, you can certainly get a hold of free stuffs provided you actively participate or visit their website. Of course, it will always be a win-win situation.

Ask around: either online or personally. Perhaps you have friends who are also making money online or doing business through the Internet. Gather information as much as you can. Compare services or offers. You should pay attention to remarkable benefits or things you can get during the training and after that.

Inquire as many questions as you can to the website offering SEO training or free Internet marketing course. Ask who would train, the modules involved and other necessary information to determine which training is truly worth everything.

It pays to go for trainings rendered by seo experts or Internet marketing gurus. Pay if you have to. That is why you need to make a thorough research so you can compare and choose wisely.

     About the Author: Maurice Manhattan - Have a successful online business by looking for effective and free Internet marketing courses. You can find loads of resources online so do your best in getting a hold of the best Internet marketing class.