Monday, November 4, 2013

3 surprising groups of people that can teach you how to make more online

1. People under the age of 25. Teens and young adults can do better in their online business because they're better at bringing in the social interaction required to draw people onto the blog, channel, or webstore. When it comes to social media and blogging, many teens do it better than even professional content creators, because they know how to engage their audience.

I took some insight from popular blogs and channels run by people under 21 and learned that their communication style is often better at driving sales.

Teens and young adults also tend to focus on building one blog or channel, unlike some adults who have far too many sites and accounts. Their focussed mentality of building up one business your passionate about is what allows many youths to create businesses with longevity.

2. Shy people. If you think you have to be naturally out going to successfully network, think again. Shy people often create personas online that help to drive sales.

There's a misconception that you have to be your absolute true self online. Sometimes having an alter ego can come in handy. I noticed that many work at home gurus were quite shy and introverted, but had the ability to engage their customers via a persona that seemed opposite.

Most people don't know how to interact with their audience purely as themselves and this makes it difficult to establish a connection that can  increases response. But having a persona often makes people more confident and more successful.

3. Artists. Most people think you have to have a business background to be successful working from home. But people who have no interest in business can often excel in their online business.

Artists often delegate responsibilities. They'd rather focus on doing the things they are good at and leave the other tasks to a professional. This gives them the opportunity to build a business that is successful without over working themselves. They know where their talents lie and can often spot the talents of others, which lets them make use of other people's skills.

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