Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Increase Work at Home Holiday Sales

I hate to bring it up now since most of us just got back from summer vacation but Christmas is coming up. What this means for work at home business owners is now is the time to start creating your holiday marketing campaigns. Studies show that between now and March is when work at home businesses are most profitable and being prepared will help you increase your bottom line. So how do you cash in this holiday season? Here are some ideas.

1. Increase traffic and sign ups with a contest. A contest is one of the best marketing ideas out there because everybody wins (well not everyone but you understand). Create a holiday contest for your blog, or website and advertise it on several contest websites, don’t forget social networking sites too. As a prize you can give away a product if you have one, an Amazon gift certificate if you are an affiliate, or money. You can also ask your affiliate merchant to donate the prize.

2. Boost sales with discounts and savings. With the state of the economy people will be a little bit like Scrooge this holiday season. But you can still bring in sales by offering discounts and savings. This may include a percentage discount, buy now and get free shipping or including some free bonuses. Holiday sales work great because people know they won’t be getting that deal once the season ends and they are in buying mode.

3. Create brand awareness with PR. A lot of new businesses make sure they open in time for Christmas and new years. If you are a new business, write a press release and post on sites like (one of the best). You can announce contests your holding, your grand opening, and what your business is about.

4. Improve ad clicks. The holiday season is one of the busiest for information providers. People are logging on to find out what’s hot this holiday season, how to get it cheap, and other holiday related idea. From weight loss to holiday travel, people increase their search during this time of year. If you have a site that focuses more on content than products now is a good time to increase ad and affiliate clicks by creating more seasonal articles. Also change banner, if you can with a holiday related ones.

5. Redecorate your website. Change your pictures, banners ect to seasonal appropriate creatives. Websites that leave their summer content and pictures make less, since they appear out of date. Just changing a few pictures can help increase your sales.

6. Focus on backend sales. People are in the buying mood. Once they purchase something from your site, don’t just let them leave; they already have their credit card in their hand. You can increase sales in several ways:

a) Create a related products page (this works best).
b) Check out our best selling products (works great for sites that focus on trends).
c) “Don’t forget your Aunt Lucy” Where you suggest products for types of people (Great for sites that focus on gift ideas).

You can increase your backend sales by linking the page directly to the checkout page rather than waiting to send an email after.

There are so many ways to increase sales during the holiday season but you have to start planning before December. Look for as many places to advertise as possible and get creative in your market.

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