Monday, September 28, 2009

Working From Home-Get Inspried With Blogs

There are a lot of interesting blogs out there-blogs about people’s travels, daily food blogs; I especially love the home made crafts ones, probably because I secretly have no talent. Blogs are fun. They’re fun to read, and if you work from home they’re also very useful.

If you blog yourself, or run any kind of content based website then you know it can be difficult to come up with fresh quality content, especially if you are trying to focus on specific keywords.

Blogs are a great muse. You can find inspiration from blogs related to your niche and even those unrelated. When you see an article, don’t just read and pass by, ask yourself how you feel about what you just read.

I saw a great looking crafters blog the other day, and in her post she mentioned something about being out of the blogosphere due to too much work. I can’t relate to her craft, but I can relate to neglecting my blog. I know what it’s like to be well too busy to blog. And as a work at home blogger this is something I need to pay more attention to.

That one line on the crafter's blog inspired a draft for why we forget to blog sometimes. Content creation is vital for surviving in the blog world, but luckily inspiration is everywhere online.

Blogs are also great for research. Granted, they are not members of the encyclopedia since you can’t always trust what you read but they let you see perspectives.

Seeing different perspectives is great when you run a work from home business. It lets you understand your market better. Perhaps they are expressing a need not many people are addressing. Or it could lend a hand in your soft selling approaching.

If you are struggling to find content visit other blogs. You will learn, get inspired, or maybe even just laugh (which is always nice too).

Adelaide Kwaning

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