Monday, August 17, 2009

Deadly work at home sins

There’s a little devil in all of us. Some of us are full of envy some are lazy, but either way there’s at least one deadly sin that is hindering our success. Unlike the common 7 deadly sins, these ones pertain to working from home. Read on to see which one is challenging your work at home success.

1. Disorganized- Disorganization can wreak havoc on your business. If your office looks like hurricane Jane blew in, it’s time to get organized. A work survey found that someone who is disorganized is 3 months behind. That can translate to three months of sales. Your cluttered desktop could be keeping you from a very luxurious life.

2. EnvyCan’t get over the fact that others are successful and you’re still struggling? Then you’ll probably keep struggling. The problem with envy is it keeps you from embracing other people’s success that can potentially lead you to yours. Another reason is people who do things out of envy do it with a sense of bitterness. There isn’t the fun or healthy competitiveness; it’s a mean have-to-take you-down attitude which often leads to very lonely triumphs.

3. Know-it-all - Unless you’re willing to admit that you don’t know everything, you won’t be able to learn anything new and this will keep you back. Working from home means learning every day. Sometimes the information seems mountainous, but for those who love running their businesses they love seeping in new information. But if you close yourself off, and assume you already know how things are done, you risk being left behind because you’re less likely to be up to date and adaptable.

4. Fear of commitment. If you can’t commit yourself to your work at home business you most likely won’t be able to help the fact your business won’t grow. Too many people run too many home businesses. They treat their businesses like a cheap one night stand where they have a little fun but refuse to actually form a relationship. But like with any relationship you have to put in the effort to build it.

5. Lazy –If you do not work, you cannot expect to reap any rewards. There are a lot of lazy home business owners out there. They are always looking for the easiest way to make money, they don’t put enough hours into sustaining their business and they get bored quickly. Laziness is often a matter of dissatisfaction. If your home business doesn’t excite you then it may time to work with a business coach who can help you get motivated and passionate about your home business.

7. Affected - You are affected if you’ve been pretentious about your work at home job. You may make exaggerated claims on your website about how well you are doing. You’re only in the business to get rich and you have little concern for how you get there. You are all about impressing others and have become negatively influenced by the industry.

8. Timid- Almost everyone is a little shy sometimes, but if you’re shy to the point where you are not actively promoting your work at home business you are sadly causing its failure. Obviously you shouldn’t be too obnoxious, but sharing your opinion, content and putting yourself out there will let others know you and your business exist. You need a confidence boost and this in turn will help your business.


Anonymous said...

interesting article

Ginger Pena said...

Good analysis. I picked "lazy" as my number one sin. Sometimes I'd rather read than paint. I don't quite put in all the hours in my studio that I should and I'm guessing I'd be a better painter if I did. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Knowing somebody reads these things helps my morale!