Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do you have work at home success envy?

PhotobucketI’m sure you, at some point, have received an email containing the bragging rights of an internet marketer. They usually go on to talk about how some 19 year old cracked the code to making millions online, or how some homeless man went from zero to millions by using a certain program. Now most of these are written in a way for you sit up, pay attention and eventually invest in the product being promoted.

However, a number of days when seeing such an email I didn’t want to learn the techniques. I wanted to crawl back in bed. After working so hard, it only makes you feel worse to read someone else’s success story. Especially when you use the program, you work your butt off, and you’re still not able to brag.

I then realized, product aside, these emails actually serve a useful purpose. They inject a mild sense of hope into those who are struggling. It’s nice to know that someone else is successful. And once you actually start being happy for other people’s work at home success, yours becomes more attainable.

It’s no use wasting energy being envious of others; it’s better to use their success story to pump you up. Hey that could be you! Instead of deleting the email because you are too jealous to read it, see if there are any valid tips in it. Maybe the program or service can be of use to you, or find out more about the person who’s giving away their success secret. Do they post tips anywhere else that you can learn from?

Having work at home success envy will only slow down the success of your business. You’re too busy trying to beat others to find out how to do it. And you’re turning your back from important resources and tools that can carry your business forward.

The next time you come across a genuine success story don’t stick your nose up at it. Take a moment to be happy for the person. Then say thank you. I mean it, being thankful for someone else’s success increases your own chance. You suddenly become more open to learning how to make your work at home business a success.

Write YOUR Own SUCCESS Story

Adelaide Kwaning

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