Monday, October 20, 2008

Great work at home website no visitors

Is there a worse feeling than working hard for nothing? I can’t think of one when it comes to working from home. Perhaps you can relate.
You build your website. You’ve spent hours coming up with a great web design; you created a great sales letter, and your content deserves a gold star, but months later you’re not making any more than before your web launch. Why?

If your website is so good shouldn’t it just be eaten up? This would most likely happen if people knew about it.

I was so naive in the beginning. I thought people would be leaping to my website. As if by some form of magic people would just figure out that a new website is up. There’s no such radar. You have to promote your site. And this is where people fail.

It’s one thing to create a website, it is another to try and convince people they should visit it opposed to your competition.

Believe it or not, most people don’t know what makes them stand apart from the crowd. Creating a unique selling point is one of the difficult things to do for work at home business owners.

You like your business, you think it could be helpful but you aren’t quite sure what makes it special.

Why do people struggle with this? Because 9 times out of 10 people define themselves with their business. Asking them what is special about their business is equivalent to asking them is special about themselves personally. Most people can’t or don’t want to answer this question because most people don’t stop to consider it.

If you can’t think of yourself as something to brag about, it makes it hard to brag about something you’ve done. That includes the blood and sweat that went into putting up your work at home website.

It goes back to that insensible modesty I was discussing earlier. Sure you want people to visit your website but you don’t want to spend hours attracting people.
They figure people will realize how “awesome” it is once they visit. But you have to get them to visit first.

So how do you get over that “I’m not special feeling?”

1. Realize that even if you are operating a business within a competitive niche, no two businesses are alike. You have something unique to offer. You write your articles with your unique voice and your customers are getting a different experience when they visit your site. So just by being you, your business is already individual.

2. Just because you may have personal self esteem issues doesn’t mean your business should suffer. Look at your business objectively. From a customer’s perspective what does your work at home business have to offer? What’s in it for the customer? Try not to bring yourself into it. Just consider your business on its own. Imagine you didn’t own it, would you use the service or buy the product. Having visited other similar websites what makes it stand out from others.

3. Understand that this is DO OR DIE! You don’t really have a choice, you have to get visitors to your website, and thus you need to invest the time into creating marketing campaigns that highlight the benefits of your website.

For shy, modest people coming up with a unique selling point can be difficult. It can be hard to distinguish yourself in a crowd, especially when you personally feel lack luster. But in order to get people to visit that great site you built you have to understand that your business is worthy of the attention.

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Adelaide Kwaning

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