Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pushing through a hard work day

Ever have one of those when you wish you didn’t turn on the computer cause it only reminds you that you have to work. We all have. Working from home doesn’t mean you’re always going to gun ho to work. Without a doubt, you’re going to have an off day. So what do you do when one of those days creeps up on you? Take the day off!Photobucket

What some people forget is we are not bound by the same 9-5 clock as our offline counter parts. It’s ok if once in awhile you take a day for yourself. In fact it’s encouraged.

A recent study showed that the number one mistake made by new work at home enthusiasts wasn’t working too little it was working too much. Many surveyed admitted to feeling burnt out and overworked. Why? You’re your own boss. There is no one forcing you to be at the office. Most of us don’t have to answer to anyone in particular. If you need time off you can take it, no questions asked.

You can see a movie in the afternoon, sleep in till noon, or punch in at 2am; there is no set time frame.
Why do so many of us work instead of play? One reason lies in dispelling the stereotypes that internet marketers and other web business owners are lazy. It still isn’t considered a real job, thus in order to prove to others that we do in fact have to work for a living we tend to push ourselves over the edge.

Another problem is we have to rely on ourselves first to get things done. Being your own boss means more responsibility. You are now doing the job of at least 10. However, this can easily be solved. There are numerous ways to automate certain aspects of your business, such as setting up an autoresponder for your email campaigns, setting up an automated payment system, and of course outsourcing tasks.
There are dozens of ways to make your work at home business run more efficiently.

Sometimes the best way to push through a hard day is to push it aside. Take the day off and give yourself a chance to do something fun and relax. Don’t worry, your business will still be there when you get back.

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