Sunday, October 5, 2008

Are you dangerously modest about your work at home business?

Yesterday, I discussed my concerns about not facing the facts and refusing to admit you need help when you work from home. After all no one wants a failing business. We all want one that is successful. However, how do we respond to our success?

It’s one thing to get things wrong, but what about when you get things right? Your work at home business is fraught with challenges, so when you are able to meet these challenges it’s worth cheering about. However, many people don’t.

It’s one thing to bury your head in the sand to hide from your failure, but it’s another to do it due to success. But even I will admit that an almost embarrassing sense of modesty has compelled me to, at times, hide from my success.
Well, maybe not hide, but you do become dangerously modest and unwilling to toot your own horn. In fact you may be doing the following

1. Reluctant to accept you actually did something well.
2. Afraid you will lose your friends if you become too successful
3. Addicted to dissatisfaction, where you believe even when you do something successful, it could have been better
4. Unaware of your strengths, even when you are applying them
5. Nervous about reaching the top or becoming one of the top players because you fear having a target on your back
6. Too busy striving to celebrate your own victories
7. Overwhelmed with the prospect of expanding your work at home business
8. Worried about becoming arrogant
9. Forgetting to be grateful for your skills and determination
10. Bashful to express your enthusiasm of your found and applied talents
11. Guilty when others you know are struggling
12. Constantly playing up your weakness instead of your strengths
13. Oblivious to the fact that you are successful.

The list could go on, but all of the above are things that some work at home business owners experience. And if you can relate to at least five of the above you may have a fear of success.

It’s a very real fear, and it’s something that affects people’s work at home business each and every day.

It may not seem like a big deal but it is. I suffer with a modest case of this fear. Am I happy when things are going well? Yes, but on the other hand I sometimes can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m doing it, and in worse cases I don’t know what I did to achieve that success. And this is where the real problem lies.

If we don’t take time to consider our successes, then we are less able to retrieve the skills needed the next time we are faced with a similar challenge. What’s worse is people who are afraid to acknowledge their success, subconsciously do things to sabotage it.

For a lot of folks it’s hard to understand why anyway would be afraid of success, but studies show that it is a greater risk to your work at home business than the fear of failure.

We all have our own personal reasons for being overly modest. Often it stems from our past-- being told we’re not good enough, putting the happiness of others before our own, stifling your confidence to help an insecure friend or family member. There are several reasons. But it’s time we started valuing our strengths.

It’s time we cheered ourselves on.

It’s time we realized we are more than capable.
Otherwise all our success will simply wither away.

Adelaide Kwaning

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