Thursday, October 2, 2008

Building your work at home business with Twitter and

So I’ll admit I can be a little slow at times when it comes to jumping on board to new things, but I blame that on my overly analytical side. I like to know what I’m getting myself into before I find myself neck deep in what is, more or less, crap. So when I heard many of the top marketers were signing up for sites like and , I decided to have a poke around the websites. Good thing I did. Here’s one thing I wouldn’t hesitate doing. If you don’t already have a Twitter or Linkedin account get one now. is the largest business networking site in the world. Think of it as Facebook for serious business people. There are not a lot of pop culture distractions on the site which is why it works so well for networking with others in your industry and finding jobs. The people there already know what they want—expanding their business. It’s also a lot friendlier than many of the social networking and online forums around today.
Once you sign up and have filled in your profile you can begin adding contacts from your address book. You’d be surprised just how many people already have an account. You can then make new contacts through contacts you already know. I managed to land a pretty big marketing campaign after a few days of signing up. It’s a great site for finding work, customers, and clients.

Twitter is a little different. It’s not as jazzy as some of the social sites out there but that’s what makes things work. When I first signed up I found it kind of boring I thought “this is it?” I wasn’t too impressed. Then I took the time to see how other people were using it. Basically with Twitter all you can do is type in what you are doing, for example: “Adelaide is writing an article about two great sites.” But for the average person that can get really boring, really fast. However, if you work from home and are looking to promote your website it can be very helpful. You can let followers know when you’ve published an article, launched a new sites, found a great resource, anything pertaining to your business.

These sites let you connect with people in a way that’s a little different than the options already out there. Twitter for example is simpler, while Linkedin is a lot more direct,. This saves a lot of time when you are trying to network.

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