Monday, October 6, 2008

Working from home: Feeling left out

If there’s one thing about working from home it’s that it’s lonely. You’re in your house for so many hours of the day trying to establish a great business, and even though you’re busy you’re also lonely. This loneliness comes in many forms. And there are several ways those of us who work from home can start to feel left out.

1. No more direct colleagues. Even if you outsource or collaborate, you are longer talking to people on a regular basis face to face. There are no more water cooler tales, or lunch gatherings with others in your work force. You can’t hire a bunch of people to work in the same room with you but you can host community work sessions.

This is when people meet at least a couple times a month and work together on their business. They bounce ideas off each other, collaborate and network. There are probably several lonely work home agents in your city, why not try to get together.

2. Out of touch with your friends. It is easy to become slightly obsessed when you work from home. You want a fledgling business and the last thing you want is to become a lazy business owner, so a number of folks prioritize their business before relationships. In the mean time they’re pulling farther and farther away from their friends and loved ones. Then they wonder why they didn’t hear about their friend’s newest romance, or aren’t invited to the yearly camping trip.

Wanting a successful business is no reason to put everything else aside. One of the benefits of working from home is you get to set your schedule. Maybe you won’t be able to attend every event, but you can meet your friends for lunch or dinner. You have an advantage so use it; make time for your buddies.

3. Too new to be cool. One of the worst ways to feel left out is within your industry. As much as internet marketers want to believe they are welcoming, the truth is, they won’t let just anyone into their clique. Everyone wants to be belong within the forums and social networking sites but it can be hard when the only people that get any attention are those who are already successful. Only the profitable are popular.

However, just because your website is new doesn’t mean you can’t make waves. You don’t have to go in their acting like you own a huge multimillion dollar business you can use your novice status to your advantage. Several internet marketers love newbies. They are fresh and don’t have a know-it-all attitude.

Learn from those who are popular and profitable. How did they get there? Ask questions and network by taking a genuine interest in their success story. Internet marketers may be cliquey, but they do like to help, especially those who are up and coming.

Another thing to remember is there are hundreds of online web forums and social networking sites. If you feel like you don’t belong look for another one. Since different people hang out in different sites, you are sure to find one that is more your style.

Feeling left out is one of the worst things to experience when you work from home. You can’t concentrate and you can’t get the help you need. Use the tips above to help you shake that lonely feeling.

Start Socializing the EASY Way

Adelaide Kwaning

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Loc said...

Yeah I can relate to spending hours in front of the computer by myself, it gets frustrating sometimes but I'm making sacrifices now for a better future (fingers crossed), something I try to do is get out of the house at least 3 times a week, I have also joined a few clubs as well, a salsa club that I go to every Friday night, I'm also a DJ, a member of toastmasters and sometimes I do some stand up comedy, it's all good because it gets me out of the house and not thinking about work so much. I think that in the long run whatever business you are in you still need to be a human being and you still need to relate to others in a normal way, imo how can you sell to people if you can relate to them?