Friday, October 3, 2008

Capturing ideas for your work at home business

If I had a dollar for every time I neglected to write down an idea I’d have a lot of couch change. When you work from home you constantly need to be coming up with new ideas. This comes easy to folks like me; our minds are a factory of ideas and suggestions, for others it may take you a little longer. These types of people are usually better at executing the idea.

But however you are, when you come up with a new idea write it done right away. Sure you may not have everything thought out in that moment but you do have something that you can work with. Or at least something you can investigate further.

Who knows your research may lead you to decide to chuck the idea out the window. But as long as you have it, you can come back to it.

Don’t think “I can remember lots of things.” When you work at home you can easily forget even important tasks, if they are not written somewhere because you have so many things to do, so something like an unpolished idea is very vulnerable to getting axed out of your memory.

Don’t sit and ponder whether or not it’s a good idea, simply find some place to store it where it will be in your vision. Then decide how you plan to employ your new found idea.

Not writing down ideas is the fastest way to throw money out. So get yourself a notebook, create a computer file, or at least get some sticky notes and keep all your brilliance close at hand.

Adelaide Kwaning

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