Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Headlines Need To Avoid the Shotgun Approach: Using Pet Peeves

You’ll see the waffle in headlines everywhere you look.

You’ll see a headline that’s weak.

And wimpy.

Headlines that say:“Do you fit this category?” (As in: Do you have these problems in sales?)

And then that headline proceeds to list every sort of problem, relating to every sort of target audience that could possibly be interested in sales.

And to me, that’s not a headline at all. That’s just shotgun stuff.
Fire and hope to hell it hits some one.

The funny thing is that the shotgun approach works

Sure it does.

But not quite as well, as a hit straight between the eyes. If you want to write a headline that caters to the exact wants of your clients, you need to work out the client’s biggest pain in the-you-know-where.

You need to seek out the biggest issue; the biggest problem to get your client’s attention.

What do you think is the thing that drives your audience completely crazy?

Let’s look at an example, shall we?

A client of mine, Colette, has a Meditation class that she’s facilitating. Now she may write a lot of headlines to sell that meditation class, but nothing builds a great headline as something that bugs the heck out of clients.

And if you’ve ever tried meditation, you know what I mean.

You sit quietly in one corner, trying to meditate, but your brain buzzes around like a fly on a sultry summer’s day. You swat the ‘fly’ and get back into your meditative pose. And the thoughts come gushing back all over again. Then, in frustration, you decide that meditation is not at all for someone like you.

So what’s the pet peeve in meditation?

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Why Headlines Need To Avoid the Shotgun Approach: Using Pet Peeves

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